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“Grande” di Paolo Vallesi

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This song was one of the entrants in the Festivalbar music competition back in 1996. I remember hearing it back then, when I was in Florence, and thinking what a great song it is. At the time, I couldn’t really tell the words apart (then again, it’s hard even with many songs in English!) and I didn’t know the name of the song or the singer. Terrible, I know. 😦 All I could remember, for many years, was this piece of the chorus going “Caminestraaai la LA la la LA.”

Now, this means nothing at all, so it wasn’t much use trying to search for the phrase on the web. However, I recently found a page in Italian Wikipedia listing all the entrants in Festivalbar ’96. After listening to a few of the songs on YouTube, I finally found it: ‘Grande’ by Paolo Vallesi. Oh, and the funny phrase I remembered was actually “Fra mille strade, stelle, e guai”. My 13-year old self had heard the ‘F’ as a ‘C’ and just stitched the entire sentence into one word!

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