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Kinder Fetta al Latte

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In the UK, the confectionary company Kinder is best known for its Kinder Surprise range of hollow chocolate eggs containing plastic toys or figurines. Apart from that, Kinder Bueno (wafers filled with chocolate, I think–I find it boring) is probably the only other well-known Kinder offering in the UK. Having always assumed it was a German company (‘Kinder’ meaning ‘children’ in German), I was surprised to discover, not so long ago, that it is in fact Italian.

"Kinder Fetta al latte" by Anna Rodighiero. All Rights Reserved

“Kinder Fetta al latte” by Anna Rodighiero. All Rights Reserved

This makes quite a lot of sense, because, in Italy, Kinder sell a wider range of chocolates. When I was living in Florence, my favourite moment during the weekly shop would be when we passed the chilled sections, and I would eagerly pick out a nice five pack of Kinder Fetta al Latte and drop it into the family shopping trolley. I had to make it last all week, but I sometimes gave in to temptation and cut myself half a slice extra. Yes, I was a well-behaved kid, honest. 🙂

The “fetta al latte” (or milk slice) is cream with a drop of honey layered between two slices of chocolate sponge. It is heaven. It’s so surprising that it is not sold (at least widely) in the UK. Whenever I am staying in Italy, I make a point of picking up a pack, though I could swear the slices have shrank since I was a kid. Or maybe I’ve grown–hard to tell.

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