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“Piu bella cosa” by Eros Ramazzotti

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A lot happened in the summer of ’96–there was the Euro 96 (where was it held?), in which England beat Scotland (boo!) with a wonder goal from Paul Gascoigne. I watched this all in Italy, while munching on bars of Kinder Fetta al Latte! Now there is only one song that reminds me of this period, and that is the unforgettable smash hit Piu’ Bella Cosa by Eros Ramazzotti.

This great song won the Festivalbar competition in 1996. It has been discontinued over the last few years, but it was a highlight of my two summers in Italy. Every Saturday (I think) when Festivalbar was broadcast on Italia Uno (was it Italia Undo or RAI 1?), I would wait for that great song, amongst a few others, to come on. I remember being so sure that it would win in the end!

The song, when you first hear it, seems to be about a woman. The translation of the name of the song, is, “More Beautiful Thing,” and the main line of the chorus is “Piu’ bella cosa non c’e’,” or “There is nothing more beautiful.” Clearly, he must be singing about a girl and how she came into his life and that he can’t remember a time without her. However, digging a little deeper into the lyrics, it becomes a bit more interesting. He sings about the “lavoro di fantasia”, “lavoro di cuore”, and “lavoro di voce.” Slowly, the picture becomes clear–he is in fact singing about music itself and how it has gripped him all his life.

Having said that, you can think about anything you like when listening to it. Perhaps there is something in your own life, a person, a passion, a job, a hobby, or even a memory that is special to you and you can’t imagine life without it. When you think about that special something or someone, listen to this song.

There is also a similar one by Andrea Bocelli called “Vivo per Lei,” (I live for her) which again has a similar theme. What starts off as an apparent expression of deep passion for a lady turns out to be an ode la musica herself.

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