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Lugano to Catania – Wrap-up


When I was in Taormina on Friday, I overhead someone at the café saying “ci sara’ un temporale” (“there’s going to be a storm”.) With such amazing sunshine the whole day, I assumed he was joking. In the end, there was indeed no storm that day and the weather held up beautifully.

Yesterday, just as I’d finished packing and was ready to leave the apartment, I heard the noise of what sounded like rain outside. Peeping out onto the balcony, I saw to my surprise that it was raining. Wow, after six days of pure sunshine, seeing all that rain felt so out of place. Then the thunder started. So the temporale had already been forecast for that day! Oh dear. I’d been intending to walk to the station to get a taxi or bus to the airport, but now I couldn’t really leave the house without getting soaked to the skin! That’s right, I hadn’t brought an umbrella or raincoat! Sicily in June–why would you?! I decided to wait for the rain to subside before leaving. I was cutting it fine, though. My flight to Rome was leaving at 5:50 and I was still in the apartment at 4:00. I’d seen the airport on the map and it didn’t look like it was all that far away from where I was staying so I wasn’t feeling too nervous. Finally, the rain stopped and I decided to make a run for it before it started again. I took a taxi from near the railway station and got to the airport in good time.

On the flight, I was seated next to a lady who had her small dog with her in a special travelling basket. Oh my, that dog barked all the way to Rome.

From Rome, I caught the flight to London and arrived home just around 1am.

Well, that’s that. Tomorrow, I’m back at work and into the even rhythm of life here in London. The cuckoo clock survived the two flights and is hanging on my living room wall and ticking away happily. The fridge magnets and little souvenir models from Lugano, Firenze, Catania and Taormina are on display. The bags are put away, the clothes in the wash. All tidied away and in their place, just like the memories of another enjoyable trip that won’t go away.

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