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Ancona – Day 0


Well here’s a break from the retrospective on my Genoa trip from two years ago to write about one that’s happening…right now! I’m heading off to Ancona in the Marche region of Italy for a couple of days. I’m flying from London Stansted airport tomorrow morning at 6:30am directly to Ancona Falconara airport. I was going to fly Alitalia as I usually do (or take the train!) but Ryanair has a direct flight to Ancona and it’s also much cheaper, so it doesn’t feel like you’re shelling out a huge amount just for a weekend.

The problem with Ryanair though, is that it flies from Stansted instead of Heathrow, which is much harder to get to very early in the morning from where I live. There is a 24-hr coach service from near Liverpool Street station, but of course you need to get yourself there first! It’s all possible, but a fuss.

So…I decided that I would simply go to Stansted airport the previous evening, and then spend the night there. 🙂 Yes, I realise how completely bonkers that sounds but I’ve never actually spent a night in an airport, and the writer/romantic/fool (cross out as desired…) in me likes to think of it as an experience bordering on the surreal–a time when the world slows down and almost comes to a standstill whilst you wait, and wait,…and wait.

That’s why I’m here in Stansted airport with another…oh…5 hours or so to go until the flight. I’ve got a few books and magazines, and I’ve just ordered a (far too late) dinner and waiting for the chef to come back and prepare it for me. 🙂

I’ll be arriving at Ancona at around 10am tomorrow, Italian time. I’ve used Airbnb again for my accommodation, this time to rent a boathouse. Yes, I’ll be cooking and sleeping aboard a small yacht moored in the Adriatic. Apparently I’ll have it all to myself, which will be just perfect. The owner has said that the boat might be taken out to sea during the day, but I’m welcome to join at no extra charge. Hopefully, the weather will keep up to its promise. I checked the forecast this morning, and apparently there average temperature will be 20 degrees during the day, and the chance of rain is exactly…zero percent.

Let’s see if I make it through the night without dozing off at the table…zzz

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    • I see that’s much further inland. Did you go anywhere else in the area? Let me know if you have any recommendations. I’m currently thinking of heading off to Pescara for a day, maybe on Sunday.


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