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Ancona – Wrap-up

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I slept soundly for five hours or so before getting up to pack and clean up. I wanted to be sure to leave the boat ‘ship-shape’ for the owner. Unfortunately, there was no more running water for some reason, so I wasn’t able to wash the dishes (or have a shower, for that matter!).

Dawn had just broken when I left the boat and went off on the crazy walk for the last time (hooray!). Getting to the train station, I bought a ticket for Castelferetti, which is the station directly opposite the airport at Falconara. The first stop of this train after Ancona Centrale was Ancona Torrette, which is apparently by the seashore. If only I’d come here yesterday! The ticket cost only €1.50 (€1.50!) and the journey barely took minutes. Oh well…

There was also a small shop at Ancona station selling souvenirs–the first time I saw any. I bought a fridge magnet showing a painting of a view of the city looking out to the cathedral.

At the airport, I went through security and, to my surprise, my bag got flagged up during the x-ray scan. The guy at the monitor said he’d seen some scissors and a razor. Fair enough with the razor, which didn’t have a blade in it, but scissors? What scissors? He wasn’t talking about my Swiss Army knife, since that wasn’t in the bag but the tray.

I opened my bag and showed the official my razor, and he noted that it was empty. I then (why?!) did the honest thing and showed him the unopened pack of blades. He told me that these aren’t allowed, and was shocked to find out that I’d been allowed to take them on board on my flight from London. He then asked me to open my first aid pack (which I’ve never actually used!) and to my surprise, I discovered there were indeed a pair of scissors in there! Haha! They’re clearly in there for use when applying a bandage. Luckily, they weren’t sharp and were acceptable. My pack of razor blades (‘molto pericoloso’) were taken off me though. The thing is, if I hadn’t shown them to him, they would have had no idea. That aside, I was impressed that airport security at a small provincial Italian airport had been more thorough than that at London Stansted.

The flight home was uneventful enough, and I was happy to look back on a perfectly pleasant trip. There was a cheesy commercial being shown on one of the screens at Ancona airport saying “Le Marche non ti abandonerrano mai”, or “The Marches will never leave/abandon you.” Well, I’m not so sure about that just yet–possibly I need to explore the region a bit more; maybe head to the Cornero Riviera next time. Ancona itself is a nice enough town, but probably doesn’t provide the interest that would keep a tourist interested for several days. I enjoyed myself though, and the boat experience really added to the fun.

Next time, I think I might be a bit more careful in checking the location of my accommodation, and researching the connections between the places I want to go. To be fair, this trip was a bit last minute and I didn’t spent the amount of time planning it as I normally would. Bickering aside, it’s been another great trip to the Belpaese and I’m already looking forward to my next one.

Alla prossima!

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