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Parma to Val Camonica – Day 0

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Well here I am again at Stansted Airport ready to while away the wee hours before my early morning flight to Parma. I’m heading off for a five day trip in northern Italy, taking in Parma, La Spezia, Verona, and the valley region of Val Camonica near Brescia.

I will only be spending the night in Parma and Val Camonica–the other two will be daytrips from Parma. The idea is to explore Parma on Tuesday and Wednesday (two days should be enough), then head off to La Spezia early on Thursday to meet a friend there who is also travelling in Italy. I’ll be back in Parma on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, I’ll pack up and travel to Verona to meet another friend coming from Val Camonica. We’ll be spending the day in Verona, before returning together to Val Camonica. I’ll spend Friday and Saturday night at my friend’s house and then fly home on Sunday morning.

Thank goodness it’s a UK bank holiday the following day! You’d think I’d arrange these trips so I could actually relax, but sometimes I think a change is just as good as a rest. Five days of seeing entirely new places completely breaks the routine of everyday life!

The weather forecasts have temperatures in Verona reaching 32 C (90 F) on Friday. This is hot to say the least, at least for yours truly! If it really does get this bad, we might leave the city and head to Lake Garda instead. Then again, I’m curious to catch a glimpse of the famous Juliet’s balcony in Verona (yes I know it’s not real…).

I’m also really looking forward to going to La Spezia, and maybe even the Cinque Terre. Ah, I can already see the beautiful sun and crystal clear blue sea and sky. Portofino is not so far away either, so who knows! It depends on how much time we have on the day. In any case, it’s definitely good to see somewhere new, as well as old favourites.

Val Camonica is somewhere that wouldn’t normally be on my itinerary if it weren’t for my friend who is originally from that area. It will be interesting to see what new things I will discover. One thing I’m curious to see are the many ancient cave paintings that are apparently widespread throughout the valley.

But first of all, Parma, the city of prosciutto and parmigiano! With apologies to cheese lovers everywhere, I will have to stick more with the former than the latter. 🙂

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